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Legacy of Dragons (second edition).

A powerful fact-based novel set in today's world of nuclear uncertainty. An excellent read with plenty of action and adventure. Legacy of Dragons is about nuclear accidents and pollution of the world’s oceans. It’s not science fiction and is based on established sources.  The reality of nuclear contamination and terrorism are ever present as the protagonist follows a quest to find the source of his father’s death which has been caused by accidental radioactive radiation.

A dangerous legacy and family secrets from a previous generation provide the background to this powerful espionage thriller. Set in today's World where nuclear materials are sought for a dirty bomb. Fact-based writing on the history of nuclear accidents in our oceans and food chain.

Relationships, adventure and romance all rolled into one cover.

Copyright 2017


​The protagonist, Dr.Peter Senden, works for a re-organised department of MI5 following government funding cuts. He’s haunted by an encounter at a money laundering seminar in Sweden when a Moldovan woman is murdered by the Russian SVR after she attempts to warn him that secrets of Britain’s main defence deterrent,  the Astute Class submarine,  have been exposed. He, in turn, survives an attempt on his own life before being recalled to Thames House where his department is given the task of establishing if there could be some truth in the woman’s story or are the Russians playing the disinformation game. Does the warning refer to Mafia money laundering on enormous submarine material contracts or is there a technical leak involving communications and detection. 

Has the security service been compromised?  Are the senior management holding something back from him? Will he discover the covert cooperation they have with a Kremlin organisation called Laundryman?

Senden’s investigations uncover a sinister secret.

Copyright 2018

The Christmas Cracker Factory

​Michael's foray into the children’s book genre. A young brother and sister visit a magic Chinese Christmas cracker factory and meet the toy characters who make the crackers, write the jokes, experiment with the explosive caps. Then suddenly there is an attack from some fearsome griffins and the children come face to face with a wizard who has a wicked and diabolical reputation. In the confusion the children lose the means for returning home to their parents for Christmas. But, all is resolved with the help of Santa Claus.

Michael’s illustrations are left as drawings so that they can be coloured-in.

Copyright 2018.

Christmas Cracker Factory book cover