Background to Michael’s Novels:

Blue Planet exposed plastic contamination in our oceans. Michael Kendall’s debut novel ‘Legacy of Dragons’ profiles the legacy of nuclear contamination in our seas and oceans for future generations. A contemporary espionage story based on factual nuclear accidents that have occurred in the short nuclear age and culminating in a nuclear incident in the English Channel. If you’ve watched Chernobyl, this is a highly recommended read that you won’t want to put down. (approx.190k words).

Michael followed his debut work with ‘Laundryman’.    If you’ve enjoyed TV-series such as McMafia you’ll enjoy this foray into the world of Russian Mafia, National Defence, Codex artefacts and British counterintelligence.  Dr. Peter Senden, a physicist, is the protagonist in both novels as he attempts to resolve money-laundering sabotage to the British nuclear submarine defence deterrent. But he stumbles onto something far more sinister. (approx. 110k words).